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The Golden Star USA Foundation

The Golden Star USA Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization headquartered in Fishers, Indiana.



To provide pre-through post-deployment/war support, literature, lectures, financing, and education to our active duty and honorably discharged military service members and their dependents.



To provide education, resources, and pre-through post-deployment support to our active duty and honorably discharged armed forces personnel and their dependents.



To provide invaluable support to our nation's military families in order to assist them in dealing with the unique stresses placed on them by deployments, combat, and day-to-day military life.

The Golden Star USA Foundation

This Film is being viewed at film festivals now!

FRFiconThe ultimate sacrifice is not the end.

Autumn Letendre’s husband, U.S. Marine Corps Captain Brian Letendre, paid the ultimate sacrifice in 2006 losing his life while serving in Iraq. Her love for him, this country and our military led her to establish this Foundation and this inspiring short film.